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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 17, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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storm chasers-- capture onef the deadly tornadoes that rd through the midwest... leava path of destruction through several states. driving alongside a cloud and heavy hail. storm chasers capture one of the heaviest tornadoes that ripped through the state. tonight, six people are dead and dozens injured in those storms. kpix kevin webb is in the news room with more. >> reporter: 80 tornadoes reported. some reported maybe more than once. six months before tornado season is set to begin. >> reporter: twisters tore through several midwest states, leaving a path of destruction behind in what seemed like seconds. >> my husband came back. i told him i don't know what to do. we just stood in the hallway where there were no windows and just held each other. it that was quick. >> reporter: the rare november storms let loose in 10 states from missouri to michigan. this is what it is left of
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washington, illinois after a giant tornado touched down, reducing homes to rubble, killing at least three people in this town alone. >> i felt the house shaking and waited a minute and came back up and saw what you are seeing here. >> reporter: where there were not tornadoes there was strong winds, rain, hail. leaving debris-covered roads, turning full sized vehicles on their tops like toys. >> me and my boys went straight to the creek. we -- we ran as fast as we could. >> >> reporter: the number of tornadoes and the victims and damage will be tallied for days. on this day, just being alive means you were lucky. >> everyone is safe. the rest is replacement. >> reporter: and the mayor of washington, illinois was asked what kind of help the town needed he said just in prayers. brian webb, kpix5. new at 11:00 we are hearing
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from the travelers trapped. we heard from one trying to get to hawaii for his honeymoon. >> a long day, a little frustrating. just going to enjoy san francisco tonight and head out for hawaii tomorrow. >> there were a lot of bad storms in the area. some tornado touchdowns but, you know, fortunately my family is all safe. thankful for that. >> reporter: one traveler told us his night was delayed 4-5 hours and others said the flight to the west coast was 8 hours late because of bad weather. the severe weather is still on the move tonight. >> reporter: we are looking at the storms pushing off to the east. the tornado threat for the night and morning is finished but damaging winds and hail, very likely in and states including new york, vermont, eastern pennsylvania including philadelphia and skraton and new york, this after 81
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separate tornado reports earlier today. more tornadoes in one day than we typically see in an average month of november. speaking of november, many of you are, ready for rainfall here in the bay area, that will change when we finally have a significant rain chance to talk about. talk about when it gets here, when it moves out coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, paul. new video out today showing the terrifying power of the typhoon that hit the philippines. take a look at the water rushing in. the entire area was flooded with within 30 seconds. this zoo was shot by an aid worker that taken refuge on top of a boardinghouse. [bell ringing] >> church bells rang out in one of the areas hardest hit. people with umbrellas sat outside where the church once stood. and at the local airport, u.s. and philippine troops work to sort relief for the thousands of people left homeless. since the storm hit two weeks
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ago, people in the bay area have been pitching in to help. kpix5 don kn abb reports they are not done yet. >> reporter: this gathering of volunteers may be one of the higher powered to generate aid for the fill means. mike honda came with a box of clean shirts. chavez came and with the deputy comes the tpw-pbl, the philippines. >> we had a lot a lot of drives this week and last week. it this is the small part. add one more donation drop off for folks who are ready, will, and looking for ways to help. >> our effort, trying to organize the community for this tragic event that happened to our community. >> most of the shipments of food and medical supplies arriving in the philippines have been stuck in airports. getting it to where it needs to be is a challenge. leaving debris everywhere. roads in bad shape. that is the first problem these
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volunteers will face. leaving san francisco international airport on saturday night. >> finding a way to get into the area of where we are going to deliver about. >> for emergency room doctor this mission is personal. >> i did a medical mission there 20 years ago when i was a college student. that is how i decided to go into medicine. to be able to go back now and provide them with the care that they need it is really special to me. >> reporter: daly city, members of the united health care workers west, pledged $100,000 in aid and organizing a medical mission. >> we are all family, connected in one way or the other. >> reporter: the workers expect to have all of this stuff on a truck heading on its way to the philippines. in san jose, back to you. san francisco police are looking for the driver who hit and injured a bicyclist tonight. it happened at 7th and mission streets at about 7:00 p.m.
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the bicyclist was taken to the hospital but the extent of his injuries is not clear. the police say the van involved likely had front end damage and possibly a shattered window. san francisco police are also searching for the gunman who killed 1 woman and critically wounded another overnight. the shooting happened a little after 2:00 a.m. in a parking lot at 6th and jesse streets. that is in south of market neighborhood. there is no word on a motive. the victim's names not released and the victims have not given out disruptions. well, b.a.r.t and the unions are going back to the bargaining this week. both sides working out the latest problem with b.a.r.t's union problem. the b.a.r.t board has a clause allowing workers six weeks of paid time off for family leave mistakenly made it into the tentative agreement. the union say it is closer to $5 million and it was no
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mistake. >> to represent it that way, it is, once again, the kind of bargaining they have been doing. >> miscommunications and misunderstanding between staff and contracted parties resulted in this being typed into the ta. >> the b.a.r.t board has the option of accepting the extra cost or offering the union something else in exchange. after negotiations tomorrow the board will meet on thursday to decide the next move. no word if the unions will strike. and weville to wait longer for an announcement from ac transit and its union. no word on movement on a contract. we are about halfway through the 60 day cooling off period ordered by the governor. tomorrow night, palo alto is expected to consider expanding the outdoor smoking ban. earlier this year, smoking was banned in parks and within 25 feet of the building entrances. now, the city councilmembers want to include the downtown
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area and california avenue. they say extending the band would remove secondhand smoke and litter. >> it is safer if for me and people with kids, to hang out in a public area without knowing that they could easily get effected by smokers around here. >> if the city decides to move forward, the next step is to end the proposal to a committee. >> vallejo high school may give its mascot a make over. the times reports officials are recommending the school change the name of the mascot, "apache" the board will talk about the name change at the meeting on wednesday. no word on what the replacement would be. and dozens of berkeley parks could be in jeopardy if the city does not increase taxes. at least that is the message from berkeley's parks recreaction and waterfront. he says the park tax is not
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generating enough revenue for maintenance and claims it will run a deficit by 2017. well, you are going to have to admire san francisco's coit tower from the outside. it will be closed for the next five months for renning sraeugzs, kpix-5 takes us inside and shares the story about the famous mural that are about to be restored. of all of san francisco's iconic landmark, coi it t tower. when she donated her money she left it up to others how to spend it. >> originally the city fathers tried to build a road with her $100,000. her friends, luckily, and othersed i happening she wanted something different and unique. >> reporter: in 1933, years after her death, the city decided to build the familiar art decko tower with an elevator ride up to spectacular views of the bay. and, because with the
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depression and they needed job the government commissioned artists to create the huge mural. the scenes of life in california became the first publicly sponsored art in the country. giving coi it t towers stunning views inside and out. >> but, the works of art it is a museum. and that is really what motivated all of us to push the city harder to treat it like a museum. it has never been treated that way. >> reporter: so on monday and for the next five months, coit tower will be closed as the crews renovate the structure. cracks on the outside walls will be repaired and windows replaced to keep out moisture. and inside, new protective barriers will be installed and artists will repair scrapes and scratches on the murals. visiting here today for the first time even though she lived here who whole life. >> i just wanted the original feeling for what it is. that is why i came today.
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>> living history. one of the few structures still standing in the same way it was intended when it was built. >> reporter: and the intention of the renovation is to keep it that way. for the next 80 years. in san francisco, john ramos, kpix5. >> and the $1.7 million renovation is funded by last year's measure b. it is set to reopen march 18th. political scandals inspiring on screen entry. >> it is the gift that keeps on giving. >> how cbs "the good wife skw- ts on real -- "the good wife" is playing on real life. and the goal here on the trip to the red planet. this view over my shoulder will be different than the past 20 or 25 storms that moved in from the west coast. this one is going to give us rain. we will talk about when the rain will begin, live look over the city, your forecast, next ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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about 450 miles east of mosw today.
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russian auth all people on board a boeing 737 was killed when it went down east of moscow today. russian authorities released it this blurry cell phone video of the commercial jet crash. the pilot was reportedly trying to abort a landing attempt when the plane lost altitude, hit the runway and caught fire. to italy now, mount ed nain sicily put on this show -- mount etna in sicily put on this show. as active as it is, it rarely caused problems for people nearby. nasa set its sights on marses and a scout called maven set to launch tomorrow. the journey is expected to take 10 months. this is their 21st mission to the red planet. maven will orbit marses for a year to exam the atmosphere. they hope to gather dataa to under stand how the planet
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transformed into the cold dry world it is today. political scandal, intrigue, drama. but sometimes the plot line comes from real life. we show you the inspiration behind cbs hit "the good wife" some people are bringing aspects of the show into their home. >> reporter: an embarrassing sex scandal top political resigns. but "the good wife" stands by herman. >> i want to be cheer. i never abused my office. >> reporter: sound familiar? former new york governor spitzer resigned after his life with prostitutes, right by his side "the good wife." >> i need to a tone for my personal failings with with my wife and our two children. >> reporter: the series was inspired, in part, by the
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spitzer scandal and other. >> between spitzer and wiener it is the give -- it is the gift that keeps on giving. >> you and cary are leaving and taken clients with you? >> it is time i try something, new. >> reporter: plot twist aside it seeps seeps -- seems fans can not get enough. there is a good wife furniture selection. who would not want her chair, they are designs and they are popular. sold at ruby living design stores in san francisco, mill valley. >> your customer comes in and say i want the alicia sofa. >> we get calls that way but it turned out to be a happy accident. it started just to be a set
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design. and then as it grew in popularity and the inquiries grew. >> you could not answer for a better deal. >> reporter: and blogs talk on about those power suits from the legal team. but, back to story lines. the "good life" husband is now governor elect. life seems to be just getting better. >> she made a choice and that was to be first lady and stand by herman. in light of what -- her man. we will see how long that lasts. i am curious. >> reporter: spitzers attempts failed when he lost the race for new york city controller in september. and, the gossip rags imply that his wife may not be standing by her man anymore. >> and you can watch "the good
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wife" here on sunday. there is rain in the forecast. >> the good forecast. yes. for the first time, i believe it has been since september 21st. >> it seems like a long time. >> a day of fall the last time it rained around here. that is going to change. we have rain coming. it is that time of the year. live look outside tonight. we have ourselves a big ridge. not much traffic. sunday evening, not much rainfall. your tuesday morning commute will be the first time in a long time. every highway, every road on the way to work or school will be soggy. not yet, though. kpix5, hi-def doppler, dry tonight. dry, rainfall for the year, low, four inches of rain, less than that in san francisco. the average, 16.5 inches. running 23% average. on pace to shatter the record drier counteryear. that was 1976 when we had let's than 9 inches of rain.
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we would have to more than double the amount of rain to get this. we will not do it tonight. low presidency in the 40s for you tonight. fremont, union city, 43. middle 40s, san francisco, 50 degrees. so, here is the deal. i showed you this map, 6 minutes ago. another storm coming, truth be told, this is an active pattern. all of the storms riding up and over the big ridge of high pressure. british columbia. seattle, oregon getting the rainfall. not for us, the blocking range. the ridge is still there. now, finally, the reufrpblg is out to the south. 200 miles further south than it was last week. now when the storms come by they will not skirt by the north. they will clip us. giving us enough rainfall. about this time tomorrow night. rain in the north bay. timing it it out with future cast. our forecast model says that cloudy cover, no rain yet tomorrow afternoon. rain, the green, yes t is there. it is there on sunday night, early tuesday morning, the morning commute, look at the
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green. keep on feeding in. now, we are wednesday morning and seeing the rain sticking around. not just the 1 and done thing. it will be tuesday and wednesday with the rain moving in. those in the north bay, closer to the area of pressure. you will get the most rainfall. maybe half an inch of rain. that is the most we have seen in 2 months. tomorrow, monday, cloudy, not wet yet. livermore, san jose, around 64 degrees, palo alto, 62. union city, 61. highs tomorrow, 61. highs in the low 60s. extended forecast, rain is likely not one but two days, tuesday and wednesday. we will be wet, sunshine next weekend looking nice with highs around 70 degrees. much-needed rainfall. the time we begin the process. looks like it will start tomorrow fight. >> only a couple days for people who do not like that. >> not a fan of the rainfall, 2 and deputy. on the way to the south pole, the big challenge prince
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harry will be up against and those with him say he will not get any special treatment. i'm dennis o'donell. coming occupy "gameday" did the 49ers get robbed? the raiders right back in the play off picture. >> it was a long week. >> and would you let your son play tackle football? you may want to think about it after you see "gameday" coming up next ,, farmers presents: fifteen seconds of smart. so you want to drive more safely? stop eating. take deep breaths. avoid bad weather.
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[ whispers ] get eight hours. ♪ [ shouts over music ] turn it down! and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi. so you want to drive more safely? of smart. stop eating. take deep breaths. avoid bad weather. [ whispers ] get eight hours. ♪ [ shouts over music ] turn it down! and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi.
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your sight. it's known as "walking with the wounded" race for charity, between tracking to the south poll
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is hard for anyone. imagine doing it, walk of wounded. it is for charity. for a team in britain. that including prince harry. >> reporter: the team set off from london at the airport tonight with the warmth of one hug that might last all of the way to the south pole. prince harry slipped in the usual entrance reserved for royals. but that is where the vip treatment ends. he has been training for months in sub-zero temperatures along side a team of british wounded soldiers in a race again injured american war veterans. earlier this week the prince paid tribute. >> even when you lost a leg or lost or an arm or whatever the illness, you can can achieve pretty much anything if you put your mind to it. >> reporter: it is how u.s. army captain castro lives each
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day. ever since losing his site in 2006. >> one time i committed to something i am committed to it 100%. >> reporter: as a marathon runner and endurance athlete he says he is expecting prince harry to pull his own weight. >> he is going to get the same gear we get. no different, not going to get an extra layer because he is prince harry. we hear he has a great sense of humor. >> he does. >> reporter: they are going to need it. the race is expected to take up to 20 days and cover 200 miles in temperatures plummeting to 50 degrees below 0. castro says there is one thing more challenging than doing it blind. >> you hate the cold. >> i hate the cold. crazy to think i am going on this expedition. >> reporter: crazy is one word to describe it. courageous is another. back to you. catching z's with tropical fish outside of your window. where you can enjoy the underwater accommodations and how much it will set you back
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